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Custom Orders

Please email us if you would like to place a custom order

 NEW!! Now offering printed logos and pictures on cookies!!

Custom designed cookies start at $65/dozen

(includes 4 designs and all cookies come individually wrapped)

The price increases if you need anything specific. A few examples of

things that increase the price are:


custom logo


royal icing transfers

using metallic food safe paint

water color designs

more than 4 colors

the use of a specific cutter we don't have

We need at least 7 days notice. The earlier the better.

There is a $50 rush fee for any orders placed in less than 7 days

before pick up (if we have availability).

When emailing us, please provide:

  • Describe in detail what you would like (include a picture). Please note, I cannot copy someone else's designs. I take inspiration only from pictures sent. If you want something specific, you need to state it in your email request. 

  • Pick up date (not the event date)

  • How many (minimum 2 dozen- same theme/colors)

  • Logos and characters are printed. I don't do them by hand anymore.

Please Note: I prefer to have full creative freedom when you provide your theme and colors. I work best and can be more creative that way.

Once we receive your email, we will email you back with cost and if we are available.

Invoices must be paid in full once your order is accepted.

A full list of our policies can be found HERE

We look forward to creating beautiful delicious custom cookies for you!

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